Since 1858, Canada and its provinces have produced coins for the population to facilitate trade. Among those that were minted, some of them can worth a lot. Based on the quality and the rarity of coins, what you have in hand may be deeply want by coin collectors.

Even if a coin with the same denomination and the same year they were made, some tiny varieties exist. Coin collectors search for those varieties and they are willing to pay a lot for that rare piece of collectible.

With this virtual book, you will know what exactly to look for, how to grade your coins as professionals do and you will know what the coins you have worth for coin collectors.

In this Book:

First you will be able to determine the quality of the coins like professionnals grade their coins. We use a coding system to represent the quality of coins. With this book, you will only have to look pictures, read descriptions and compare it with your coins. You will then have a very close idea of the quality of your coins.

Once you'll know the quality of your coin, different sections of the book which are quite easy to access, will give you a brief history of the coin, technical data such as weight, dimensions and composition. You will also have the approximate number of coins that were struck and the value for coins collectors.

Some coins have differences, we coins collectors call them varieties. These varieties are also well illustrated and described. You will find it easy to identify your coins.

This book has:

  • 145 years of decimal coins is listed in this book
  • All decimal circulation coins of Canada and its Provinces are listed. 
  • All Numismatic coins and Bullion coins from Canada are also listed. 
  • More than 800 useful pages.
  • Over 3000 pictures that will help you identify your coins, 1200 of them are in color (On-Line version Only).
  • 2400+ different varieties has now been found and described in that book.
  • Over 4000 different coins are valued in the book based on recent sales in stores and auctions.
  • Values of coins taken from more than 35 000 sales throughout North America in 2012-2014
  • Grades from G-4 to PR-67 (G-4, G-6, VG-8, VG-10, F-12, F-15, VF-20, VF-30, EF-40, EF-45, AU-50, AU-55, MS-60, MS-62, MS-63, MS-64, MS-65, MS-66, SP-63, SP-64, SP-65, PL-63, PL-64, PL-65, PL-66, PL-67, PR-67)
  • An On-Line version is available, no shipping costs, real time coin value, usefull apps to manage coin collection and you'll get the book within minutes.
Easy to use, picture after picture, you'll have fun searching varieties cause you'll know what to look for.

A book you MUST have in hand, a reference for all decimal Canadian Coins. And who'll know, maybe you will like me, develop interest for Canadian Varieties.



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